Rich Habets


As founder and CEO of the Habets Group, Inc. (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Rich has spend his entire career supporting people to produce breakthrough results. He has helped over 5000 people significantly increase their level of clarity, focus and well-being, allowing them to solve complex problems and fix their team and business. Rich has dealt with virtually every type of business, scenario and issue. He has studied almost every type of question, challenge and opportunity.


Spear's UK Property
Advisor of the Year Award

(amongst other things)

Daniel’s outstanding reputation is built on passion, insight, and an ability to build strong, long-term relationships, with an emphasis on straight forward communication, and fun. Clients come through personal recommendation and stay for the service that’s tailored to them.

Through Daniel’s global network of contacts, he has exclusive access to some of the world’s finest homes – 38% of properties he’s sold in the last decade have been off-market. With Daniel, clients have their pick.

I loved playing Nintendo 64 with my mates after school


Rich gave me a different way of looking at things and my own reality. This has been very helpful in multiplying the possibilities I see. It is like having a new, high-performing set of multicolour glasses.

Alessandro di Mauro
Sr HR Manager

Working with Rich has been the most precious gift I have ever received in my 25 years as a professional

Jose Javier Soria
Senior Manager

Working with you helped me have a deeper connection with myself; you gave me different points of view and insights that made me realise how strong I can be and how much I can change things with a correct approach

Valentina Veneri
Mirandola, Italy



Born March 5th, 1974 in Heerlen, The Netherlands Raised by loving parents, grew up as a rebel.


Graduated Bsc Computer Science.


Started working as an insecure consultant at Gap Gemini Management Consulting


Took on the role of head of technology at a department of ING Investment Management.


Recognizing the enormous power in high performance coaching, Insight Inc. was born.


Did my first speaking engagement for 500+ people.


Married to Diana, raising 3 kids


Project You: created and executed a culture shift program for a Fortune 100 company.


Successfully transitioned all training and coaching programs to an online training format.


Personally trained and coached over 6000 people in corporate environments.

What I've learned

Listening is a super power.

We don’t act on what happens to us,
we act on how something or someone occurs to us.

How something occurs to us happens in language.

We can re-invent ourselves every day.

We all have the power to create whatever we want.

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The body achieves what the mind believes